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Posted on May 7, 2014 in Spotlight, Students | 0 comments

Distorted Self Portraits

Distorted Self Portraits

Who says iPads and map pencils don’t go together? Robert Meek’s 6th grade Art class combined a series of iPad apps and non-local map pencil colors to create a distorted self-portrait. Students used the PhotoBooth app to distort their picture by either stretching or squeezing the image. The students then imported their image into the TracingPaper lite app to lay out a 6 x 9 square grid over their picture. After that, students gridded out a 12” x 18” paper into 2” squares. Students enlarged their portraits using the grid system to help them stay in proportion. To add the finishing touches, students colored their distorted self-portraits with colored pencils, using non local colors. Check out their work!




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