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Parent Agreement

In order to agree to the parent agreement, you will need to log into home access center and complete in online registration.

Home Access Center

Parents accept this agreement through the student registration process.

Your child has access to a variety of technology resources through the District, including online applications for use on or off campus. Resources such as online encyclopedias, instructional videos, interactive tutorials, and many other applications offer teachers, students, and families an unprecedented variety of tools to enhance effective teaching and learning. With these resources come responsibility. I understand I am responsible for reading and communicating with my child his/her responsibilities to abide by the Midway ISD Student Responsible Use Agreement found at I understand that consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct are possible for my student if the Student Responsible Use Agreement is violated.
Additionally, the District contracts with certain providers of online educational services to provide District services and functions, including essential instructional and logistical programs such as the District’s online grade book and the online lunch account management system.  Where personally identifiable student information is implicated, service providers act as District officials and access only the information needed to perform the contracted service.  These outside parties are under the District’s direct control with respect to the use and maintenance of student data.
I also understand that my child’s use of the District’s technology resources is not private and that the District will monitor my child’s activity.
I have read the District’s Student Responsible Use Agreement, associated administrative regulations, and this agreement. In consideration for the privilege of my child using the District’s technology resources, I hereby release the District, its operators, and any institutions with which it is affiliated from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of, or inability to use, these resources, including, without limitation, the type of damage identified in the District’s policy and administrative regulations.