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iPad Troubleshooting Guide

When this happens… Try this…


Don't have internet access

  • Check that the WiFi is connected
    • (Settings > WiFi)
  • Disconnect from the WiFi and reconnect to WiFi
    • (Settings > WiFi > (i) > Forget this Network > WiFi > connect to WiFi)

An app is frozen

  • Close the App
    • (Press the Home button to close and reopen the app)
  • Clear the App
    • (Double press the home button > one finger swipe the app up > reopen the app).

Your device is frozen

  • Turn device off
    • (Hold down the power button on the top edge of the device.)
  • Hard Restart
    • (Hold the home button and the power button until the device turns off)

YouTube will not play

  • Check wifi network
  • Check the wifi network to see that you are connected to MISD-Secure
    • (Settings > WiFi > Choose a Network… MISD-Secure)

Battery draining really fast

  • Check that the Dynamic wallpaper is not on

    • (Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper(Click on the left one) > choose a still wallpaper)

  • Check the Auto-Lock Settings

    • (Settings > General > Auto-Lock > 2 minutes)

  • Turn off automatic downloads

    • (Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic downloads )

  • Make sure all are toggled OFF

Can't find app

iPad Search

Starting between the top row of apps, drag one finger down from the top of the screen. The Search iPad tool should appear. Type in the app name you are looking for.

Email not updating

Check password

(Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Exchange > Account > remove password and retype it)

iPad Storage is full

  • Check storage space
    • (Settings > General > Usage)

You will be able to see what apps are taking up space. Delete those apps if you are not using them often (they will be available for re-download if necessary) OR delete pictures and videos (You might want to save them to your computer first)

Loading app freezes

  • Tap the app
  • Try tapping the app on the iPad to see if it will start loading
  • Reload the app
  • If the app was purchased by you, go to the app store and see that it is in the purchased section. Delete the app from the iPad. Go back into the app store and re-download.

Mic is not on

  • Turn on the mic
    • (Settings > Privacy > Microphone > toggle the button to turn it on)

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