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Posted on Feb 19, 2015 in Spotlight |

Penguin Personalities

Penguin Personalities

Learning, creating, and posting were all part of a day’s work when Mrs. Bain’s second grade class at South Bosque studied penguins. An elegant mix of traditional classroom projects, such as using a skein of yarn to measure and visualize the size of a penguin species, and iPad apps – PicCollage posters to record the facts learned, ChatterPic Kids videos to have the penguins tell a little about themselves, and Edmodo to upload and share the finished projects for the rest of the class to view – helped make the process of gathering and publishing information about these interesting birds an adventure. Students worked in pairs, small groups, and alone (while recording the videos underneath their desks) to complete the assigned tasks. Kings, Emperors, Fairies, Rock Hoppers, and more are all now like part of the family, and the kids had a great time learning about this family tree.

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