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Posted on Mar 19, 2015 in Spotlight |

Taking the Challenge: CBL in the Classroom

Taking the Challenge: CBL in the Classroom

Mrs. Roper, a Freshman English teacher at MHS, just recently incorporated challenge based learning into her classroom. So you’re probably thinking, what is challenge based learning? That is an excellent question. Challenge based learning is an innovative approach to teaching and learning that challenges students to empower the technology they use on a daily basis to solve real-world problems. The students are engaged in hands-on collaborative learning that encourages students, teachers, and community experts to work together to identify and solve these problems using in depth questioning, developing deep subject area knowledge, taking action, and then sharing their experiences with others.

Check out the video below summarizing the challenge based learning in Mrs. Roper’s class.

For more insight on Mrs. Roper’s challenge based learning experience CLICK HERE.

Below are links to the challenge based learning website and their tool kit to guide you through with incorporating CBL in your classroom.