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Posted on May 8, 2014 in Spotlight, Students |

Differentiation with iPads

Differentiation with iPads

Nadine Welch worked with Ella Whitley’s Life Skills class at Midway Middle School to create stories on their iPads. After finishing a unit on Canada, the students were required to participate in a writing activity.  Pictures that related to their Canadian study were sent to all of the students’ iPads using the Chirp app. Then, the students were able to use those pictures to easily import them into a Book Creator. The students added sentences to the pictures creating a digital story to be saved, shared and used for the rest of the year. Differentiation took place by allowing some to independently create their sentences, some to type text from a model, some to fill in a blank from a symbol bank and some to verbally record their sentences.  One student even used his communication device to verbally provide his sentences! 

Whitley1Whitley 5Whitley2