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Posted on Dec 18, 2018 in General, Spotlight |

Think You’re Too Young to Code? Think Again!

Think You’re Too Young to Code? Think Again!


Students K-4 all participated in the Hour of Code at Hewitt Elementary! Students worked through self guided apps or websites to learn the basics of directional and block coding.

Kindergarten students guided aliens through a maze to get them back to their home planet using the Kodable app. What does coding at the kindergarten level look like? Well, students had to navigate their alien by using different arrows blocks. They had to map out directions to get through the entire maze before the alien could even start! It took focus, perseverance, and some trial and error!


First graders also used a coding app called Code Spark. This app took students on a self guided adventure! Students had to code their character to run, jump, and even throw dynamite in order to collect get back donuts that had been stolen!


Upper grades experimented and problem solved with block coding to control one of the district’s new JIMU MeBots! ‘Jimmy’ was coded by small groups to get him to the Christmas tree on time! He stopped along the way to make animal noises and even have a short dance party! Students worked together to problem solve and figure out how different color blocks controlled Jimmy in different ways!


Coding is a great way for students to problem solve, be creative, and use lots of critical thinking skills! Hewitt students are hooked on coding and teachers have been continuing to use it in their classrooms ever since!


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