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Posted on Mar 23, 2015 in Spotlight |

Biographies Just Got Real

Biographies Just Got Real

In Staci Morgan’s 2nd grade classroom at Spring Valley Elementary, biographies just “got real!”

Each student selected an important person to research and created an artistic representation that included photos, costumes and props.  The students primarily worked on their selected person at home with their families and some with the help of Mrs. Morgan.

The next step was for the students to expound on their research and create a “gami” (using the Tellagami® app) where they “smashed apps” such as Pic Collage® and recorded audio telling what they learned.  Mrs. Morgan then helped the students create QR Codes using the link generated from their Tellagami®.  The completed projects were displayed in the hallway and shared with friends and Spring Valley families. Everyone was invited to scan the QR codes and watch, listen and learn about famous people such as Mother Theresa, President Obama, Maurice Sendak, Johnny Appleseed and more!

John, 2nd grader, who is featured in the video, selected John Glenn for his biography assignment.  When asked if he enjoyed the project, he smiled from ear to ear, saying, “YES!  It was fun!”  Check out the video below.

This experience truly “redefined” the typical biography assignment as research came alive for these students!