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Posted on Jul 25, 2017 in General, Learning in 21st Century, Parents, Spotlight |

1:1 Next Steps

1:1 Next Steps

We are excited to announce the next steps for the Midway ISD 1:1 initiative. Below is a summary of the process the district underwent to make this decision for the future of 1:1 at Midway. We did not take this project lightly. We were in a unique position to strategically think ahead and evaluate other solutions, devices, and software to see what fit the needs of our students and staff moving forward. In the spring, some of our students engaged in a pilot process where they were able to use other devices for extended periods of time in their classes. In total, the students that participated in the pilot program were able to use these devices for approximately 2 months. Countless hours of planning and implementation went into the pilot process. We engaged in a variety of data collection both before and after the pilots began to understand how 1:1 is working, how we can continue to support teachers and students with technology, and what the future might look like in our district.

What Has the District Done?

  • Professional Learning Community (departmental and grade level meetings) Conversations and Feedback
  • Student Focus Groups
    • High School Students
    • Middle School Students
  • Staff Focus Group
  • Student Survey
  • Staff Survey
  • Technology Committee Input
  • BrightBytes Technology Survey

Final Decision

After many hours of input and much deliberation, the district decided to select the device that would give the most instructional benefit and flexibility to impact learning at Midway ISD. Selecting this device also allows teachers and staff to utilize many of the instructional resources and practices they’ve developed over the past 4 years. Students and staff will receive the new iPad (5th Generation) with 32GB of storage. Students in the 7-12 grade will also receive a new Logitech Rugged Combo Keyboard Case, that is the first of its kind. This case will allow for continued rugged protection while connecting a keyboard to the iPad through a proprietary secure connector. This secure connector sources minimal power directly from the iPad and also creates a connection to the iPad without the use of bluetooth. We will evaluate grades K-6 this fall and determine where keyboards fit into those grade levels.

Thank You

We would like to thank all of the stakeholders involved in helping the district move forward with the commitment to providing a truly participatory and authentic learning environment that heightens student engagement, advances academic growth, and intensifies the desire to learn.