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Posted on Apr 29, 2015 in Spotlight |

Animal Inquiry iPad Project

Animal Inquiry iPad Project

Navigating this digital world is not something that comes natural to our students. Students have to learn how to acquire and evaluate digital content for it’s relevance and accuracy. That is just what the 2nd grade teachers at Castleman Creek did through their inquiry based animal research project. Students were given a rubric to guide them through their research. They used kid friendly search sites and sites that gave them access to copyright free images. The students then created QR codes that linked to their final videos. The QR codes were placed in the hall so that the rest of the school could view their research projects. Check out the interactive image below to see pictures and videos of their final products and links to the resources the students used.


A special thank you to Kayla Citrano, Katie Greenberg, Natalie Martin, Kylie O’Donnell and Ashley Leatham for sharing their work.