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Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in Spotlight |

Woodway Wee Writers – Collaborating with Book Creator

Woodway Wee Writers – Collaborating with Book Creator

Thanks to the Midway Education Foundation and Bush’s Chicken in Hewitt, Woodway Elementary received a grant to purchase the app “Book Creator for iPad” for all of its students and teachers. The app allows students to create their own books to share with others. Mrs. Sarah Metz and Mrs. Missy Keen took the project and extended it for their Kindergarten and 2nd graders by allowing their students to collaborate to write an imaginative story. The second graders came up with choices of settings and characters for the Kindergarteners. After the Kinder students chose the setting and characters, the 2nd graders wrote and illustrated their books using original drawings and the Toontastic app. Check out 3 books that were created:

Kimi’s Book  Zak’s Book  Abbi’s Book