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Posted on Apr 15, 2015 in Spotlight |

Creating Virtual Museums

Creating Virtual Museums

Why visit a museum when you can create your own virtual one? After researching European capitals in Mrs. Scott’s sixth grade Language Arts/Social Studies class, students created virtual museums for their River Valley classmates to explore.

Students were first asked to select the European capital city they were interested in researching. Students then wrote their own research questions, crafted a thesis statement, and gathered information from a variety of sources. Once their research was complete, students used Keynote to build a virtual museum about their capital city.

Note: Virtual museums were first introduced by educators at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. This template was designed by Lindsey Warneka under the direction of Dr. Christy Keeler during a Teaching American History grant module.

 To download the Keynote Virtual Museum template on an iPad:
1. Tap on this Virtual Museum Keynote Template
2. Tap the Share Arrow in the top right corner
3. Open in Keynote