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Posted on Sep 29, 2014 in Spotlight |

Upside Down Math

Upside Down Math

What does a teacher want more of? Time working with students instead of lecturing to them! That is exactly what Mr. Choins, 8th grade math teacher at Midway Middle School, is doing by implementing the “flipped classroom” method.

What does it mean to flip a classroom? In a flipped classroom, the traditional classroom period is reversed. Instead of listening to a lecture in class and working math problems at home, students learn the lecture information at home in the form of a video on their iPads and then work the math problems in class. This allows the teacher to be available for students when they need it the most.

Mr. Choins says, “Flipping the classroom has allowed us more time in class to apply our learning.  Students take notes at home, after watching a 5-8 minute video that we create. When they walk into class, the students are ready to solidify their knowledge through activities that lead to better understanding. “