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Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in General, Spotlight |

Stop Motion Tectonic Plates – River Valley Intermediate

Stop Motion Tectonic Plates – River Valley Intermediate

Sixth grade students put their stop motion filming skills to the test in Ms. Miller and Ms. Fox’s science classes. The objective was to demonstrate examples of the different types of fault lines which they had studied. Using Play-Doh, their iPads, and the Stop Motion Animator app or the Stop Motion Film app, they recreated the movements of the tectonic plates. Some students used color paper and signs to further explain their knowledge as well. Once the projects were complete, students uploaded them to Edmodo where they could watch each other’s videos. The students worked both independently and with partners as they created their videos. Some students took the time to upload their stop motion film into iMovie and add extra text and music. What a memorable way to remember the effects of tectonic plate movement.

Link to Tectonic Plates in Motion Video