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Posted on Oct 21, 2015 in Spotlight | 0 comments

The Lost Colony – Mystery Solved @ RVI

The Lost Colony – Mystery Solved @ RVI

What ever happened to the colonists who settled in Roanoke, North Carolina so long ago? If you ask the students in Ms. Williams & Ms. Gietzen’s classes you may be surprised by the answer! The students were tasked with solving the historical mystery and retelling the story in their own words. Using the App “Scribble My Story”, the students retold the treacherous tale of John White and the early colonists using their own words and pictures. John White, the leader of the colony was sent back to England for supplies. When he returned from Europe, his entire colony was gone! The students created and defended their own endings to the story by representing what they thought happened to the colony with their own pictures and words. Some students even drew their pictures by hand. Once completed, the students shared their endings to the story with each other, discussed some realistic possibilities, and some unrealistic ones too! Needless to say, these students will certainly remember the mystery of Roanoke – whether they actually solved the case or not. Some students share their endings to the Lost Colony of Roanoke below:



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