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Posted on Dec 12, 2014 in Spotlight | 0 comments

The Amazing Chemistry Race

The Amazing Chemistry Race

Krystle Moos, a Chemistry teacher at Midway High, just recently conducted an activity in her classroom that required her to redefine the culture of her teaching. Krystle states, “Before technology was available, using and determining compound formulas was taught by lecture and demonstration of the five different types of questions that could be asked followed by students completing textbook problems or a worksheet.” Krystle used S’More, an online interactive flyer, to get resources out to her students to access both at school and home. She placed students in groups and gave them a variety of questions to enable them to collaborate together to solve the equations. During class, she provided students with QR Codes that linked them to student created tutorial videos on each problem they had. On the second day, the students participated in an “amazing race” holding each student in the groups accountable for what they learned in the previous day. Students were allotted 5 minutes on their own to solve the problem and then the team provided assistance when the five minutes were up. The first team to finish all problems won “The Amazing Race.” Krystle said, “Overall, it was a success. Students normally scoring in the upper 70’s to low 80’s on this unit, but I saw on average a 7 point score increase on this test, which is a very hard concept. Yes, students still struggled, but overall the students held each other to a higher standard and worked together efficiently.” Check out the video below.



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