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Posted on Oct 8, 2014 in Spotlight |

Kahootin’ it Up in Class

Kahootin’ it Up in Class

Students in Mrs. Bullajian’s second grade class at Woodway Elementary studied place value recently. They used an app called Number Pieces to show a set of base 10 blocks. They took screen shots of their examples and then uploaded them to along with quiz questions and answer choices. The students took care in providing the correct answer and three incorrect answers. “It was so exciting to hear the conversations the students were having. They really thought about what incorrect answers others would choose if they made silly mistakes or weren’t paying close attention,” said teacher, Kim Bullajian. “The Kahoot website makes a game out of the quiz questions and answers. So after the kids created their quizzes, they took turns playing each other’s games. They took ownership of their own learning and clearly had so much fun!”

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Check out Kahoot below: