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Posted on Apr 29, 2014 in Spotlight, Students |

Music History + iPads = Book Creation

What do music and books have in common? Just ask Mrs. Mary Ann Thompson, Speegleville Elementary music teacher! Mrs. Thompson’s 4th grade students learned about music history through creating a book in which they went back in time and interviewed their favorite composer. Students learned how hard it was to write music “back then” – by scratching with a quill and an ink bottle. They also learned that to hear music, you couldn’t just plug in your iPod or turn on a radio to hear it – you had to play it yourself or travel to a live concert!

Throughout all of the research and writing, each student also found a piece of music from their favorite composer to include in their story. A very interactive story and love of classical music was the result!


Mrs. Thompson and her class



Finding Music



Researching Composers