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Posted on Apr 24, 2014 in Staff |

Math is Harder When Using an iPad

Math is Harder When Using an iPad

Mrs. Wideen, a 1st/2nd grade teacher in Canada shares a revelation from one of her 2nd grade students.  Mrs. Wideen rarely uses worksheets after having 1:1 iPads in her classroom. Recently she gave her class a worksheet to complete and one of her students exclaimed,

I like doing worksheets better than using the iPads because I don’t have to think as much. On the iPads, I have to show my work, explain my thinking and make sure it is my best work because someone other than you might see it on my blog or on Twitter.

Mrs. Wideen reasoned that using the iPads leads to a higher level of understanding because students have to explain their thinking with pictures, numbers, words, AND their voice.  She also uses social media to get higher quality work from her students because they have a larger audience.

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