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Posted on Apr 1, 2014 in General, Spotlight |

How Can We Prep Students For the Real World?

The Geometry in Construction high school class and 4th grade students at Hewitt Elementary are practicing math in the real world.  The GIC class was tasked with the job of using their geometry skills to help them build a storage building for Hewitt Elementary.  Heather Metzgar, Assistant Principal at Hewitt Elementary, had the great idea of collaborating with the two campuses.  The GIC students first created a video, using their iPads, with real geometry problems that they’ve encountered in building the shed.

They posted the video on Edmodo for the 4th grade students to view and solve the problems.  Then the 4th grade students posted their answers on Edmodo for the high school students to check.  Both groups of students plan to meet after the storage shed is completed and transferred to Hewitt Elementary’s garden.