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Posted on Jan 31, 2014 in Staff |

Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU

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 Glogster: The Visual Network

Looking for a new tool to engage your students in the lesson? Why not try Glogster! Glogster is a great Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create virtual posters combining text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks and to share them with others electronically. Glogster is a great way for students to not only be creative, but it also allows students to share and interact with others’ creations. Using Glogster’s educational site, Glogster EDU, teachers can establish class lists and monitor student activity while protecting privacy and anonymity.

Click the button below to check out a sample glogster on digital citizenship.


Note: Glogster does require you to sign up, but there is a free version.